Our Values

Excellence can be achived in many ways. We strive for it by producing code that is efficient, of high quality and maintainable. By following best programming practices and coding standards.

Prosperity, our customers and ours. Nothing brings more joy then the success of a project you work hard on. Therefore the prosperity and success of your project is very important for us.

Change is what we strongly believe in. We hope our work can be a part of something that will influence people, making the world a better place for everyone.

Our Company

Digital Envision was launched in 2008 as a sole proprietorship by Piotr Koziuk upon moving from Denmark to Poland. Since then it has completed numerous projects ranging from coding microcontroler subroutines used in device control, to designing dedicated microcontroller bootloaders.

The companies main focus is on microcontroller code design, but occasionally we also consult on FPGA/ASIC IC System design as well as High level .Net applications for Windows.

The projects we worked on are mainly for the Telecomunications, Military, and Consumer industries. We have participated in projects in Denmark, Poland and Taiwan working together with international teams of mixed nationalities and we really enjoy culturally diversified work enviroments.